Following the Pull of Divinity within as it speaks in quiet
whispers beneath the din of the soulversations all around
Living from Soul in every moment is Courage.
Loving from Soul generates Miracles.
Leading from Soul is Magic.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Into The Swirl

by Heather Maclean  2002

Into the Swirl
Spinning in Time
Creating Emotion
with Rhythm and Rhyme
You are woven
into the Fabric of my Heart
Threading a Trust through
Tattered Holes
Healing a Breach with
our Love and Friendship
Filling the Gap
Easing the Ache
Love and Friendship
Forever in our reach
Music encircles us
Echoing Laughter
Into the Air
Into the Swirl
Spinning in Time
Floating in Harmony
Connecting our Lives

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